Adult Discipleship at Hillside is about creating environments that can help each person discover three key truths that transformed His first followers into world changers.

Discover God's story - along the way Jesus kept revealing truths about Himself and the Father to the disciples.

Discover Your story - the disciples went through many learning experiences that showed them the truth about themselves that ultimately transformed them.

Discover the Merger - after three years with Jesus, the disciples discovered how their lives fit into God's purposes for the world; it was electric!


OWLS is our ministry geared towards individuals who can draw upon more life experiences. OWLS is led by a steering committee who plan group events throughout the year along with an annual retreat. For additional information or questions,  Bob & Marilyn. 


Our men's ministry is designed to see men connect with one another so spiritual growth can take place. So often we lose touch with friends once we are adults and so we run alone. Men who run alone, besides just being lonely, are forced to face all the challenges of life without a wingman. You can find a wingman by getting involved. To get more information about this ministry,  Dan. 


Is there a place for me? Where would I fit in? At Hillside, there are numerous opportunities for women to deepen, grow and connect. There is a place for everyone so try out these options and find the place that best fits your life, schedule and needs.


Ladies. . .Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about heaven? How can knowing about heaven affect how we live our lives now? Come and join us as we tackle these questions and more at the Tuesday morning ladies' Bible study class, beginning September 15, at 10AM in M-16 classroom. We'll be watching and discussing the DVD series by D. David Jeremiah, Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven. If you'd like to join us, please  Judy or  Denise. Out of respect for one another, for Governor DeWine's mandate, and Hillside's current policy, we're asking that each lady wear a mask and practice social distancing. (Please note that child care will not be available). 


Group gathers Sunday evenings to pray for their children, the area school, the teachers and staff. It is an hour devoted entirely to prayer.  for additional information about the Beavercreek group.  


Jesus took his 12 closest followers on a three year journey as they lived life together. It was in that environment of shared life and teaching that reshaped their lives and prepared them for God's purposes. Our Life Groups (LGs) are designed to create the same kind of Biblical community that changes lives!

LGs consist of 8 to 15 people who meet 2-4 times a month to live in authentic relationships where they encounter truth together, pray together, laugh and cry together, share responsibility, serve together and invite new people to join in. We have many LGs that meet throughout the week in different homes so you will find one that fits your schedule and your location.  for additional information about LGs.