At Hillside, we believe God creates (Genesis 1:27) and recreates (2 Corinthians 5:17-18) to showcase His glory and tell His story of reconciliation to the world. Likewise, Jesus skillfully harnessed the power of story to draw spiritually hungry people to God (Mark 4:1-34). We believe God gives creative gifts to all His children to join Him in displaying His glory and telling His story to the world (Ephesians 2:10, Exodus 31:1-5).

The Creative Team at Hillside exists to creatively tell His story and display His glory to our community. The Creative Team also exists to invite God's church to join in the story that God is expressing through them, develop their creative gifts, and showcase His glory to those around them.

Whether you paint, sing, write, dance, draw, build, speak, play, photograph, design, or create in another way, God has uniquely crafted you to develop your gifts and joyfully offer them back to Him in worship. If you want to explore how God has creatively gifted you, or if you have interest in joining the Creative Team in telling God's story through our gifts, please connect with our Creative Arts Pastor, Tyler Corbitt.