Preschool Parent RESOURCES


"Being a parent is hard work and sometimes we wonder if we are doing a good job? We hear about other families, other people's kids and it can be easy for doubt to creep in. Comparisons can be harmful to our self esteem and our outlook on how we are managing. It's easy to fall into this trap. Before we close the blinds and shut ourselves off from all human contact, we have to realize that we all have good and bad days. No one has completely mastered being a parent! Take some time and check out this month's video to see how we can deal with those moments we feel like we don't measure up."

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Also, scroll below to find additional age specific help for your child in the coming year. We encourage you to try some of the ideas shared in the videos and attached resources to help you intentionally shape your child in God's ways.

Each Rite of Passage provides two videos for you as a parent to watch. The first video is the "why" video. It explains why you should walk through the Rite of Passage. The other video is the "how to" video providing you with a step-by-step guide in how to set up these Rites of Passages. Here's a description of the associated documents.

  • The Kickstarter is the biblical background for each Rite of Passage
  • The Parent Guide is an extension of the "how to" video
  • The Developmental Guide helps you know what's going on physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually with your child

Birth rite of passage

kickstarter -  An invitation to peace

Parent guide

developmental guide - What's going on

Peace rites of passage - resource list

1 year old rite of passage

kickstarter - Birthday blessing

parent guide

developmental guide - what's going on

3 year old rite of passage

kickstarter - The Big kid bed

parent guide

Developmental guide - What's going on