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"Preschoolers WILL get angry. As children grow and develop opinions and desires of their ow, they will inevitably get irritated when things don't go their way or when you "mess us" their plan. We cannot expect them to be happy and "roll with the flow" all of the time, especially when it is difficult for us as adults to follow that rhythm.

It should be the parent's mission to assist their preschoolers in navigating through their anger. Part of the parent's job is to help them work through their feelings and teach them how to respond appropriately when feelings of anger arise. One way to do this best is by setting a good example for them in how you respond during frustrating situations.

So as you are engaging your kids today, don't forget that each tantrum is a teaching moment for them to learn to portray self-control in how they communicate their anger."

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Also, scroll below to find additional age specific help for your child in the coming year. We encourage you to try some of the ideas shared in the videos and attached resources to help you intentionally shape your child in God's ways.

Each Rite of Passage provides two videos for you as a parent to watch. The first video is the "why" video. It explains why you should walk through the Rite of Passage. The other video is the "how to" video providing you with a step-by-step guide in how to set up these Rites of Passages. Here's a description of the associated documents.

  • The Kickstarter is the biblical background for each Rite of Passage
  • The Parent Guide is an extension of the "how to" video
  • The Developmental Guide helps you know what's going on physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually with your child

Birth rite of passage

kickstarter -  An invitation to peace

Parent guide

developmental guide - What's going on

Peace rites of passage - resource list

1 year old rite of passage

kickstarter - Birthday blessing

parent guide

developmental guide - what's going on

3 year old rite of passage

kickstarter - The Big kid bed

parent guide

Developmental guide - What's going on