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"Children are not naturally empathetic, but that doesn't mean it is not something they can't learn. Empathy is different than sympathy. Sympathy expresses concern for people while remaining at a distance. Empathy requires a person to imagine themselves as the other person.

Jesus felt such empathy for others, and if as parents we are striving to help our children become more and more like Him as they grow into young adults, then one of the best things we can do is teach them empathy.

Check out this month's video as it offers some insight on what empathy is and why it is so important to be transparent and vulnerable to your kids- and how Jesus is the perfect model."

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Also, scroll below to find additional age specific help for your child in the coming year. We encourage you to try some of the ideas shared in the videos and attached resources to help you intentionally shape your child in God's ways. 

Each Rite of Passage provides two videos for you as a parent to watch. The first video is the "why" video. It explains why you should walk through the Rite of Passage. The other video is the "how to" video providing you with a step-by-step guide in how to set up these Rites of Passage. Here's a description of the associated documents:

  • The Kickstarter is the biblical background for each Rite of Passage
  • The Parent Guide is an extension of the "how to" video
  • The Developmental Guide helps you know what's going on physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually with your child

1st grade rite of passage

kickstarter - an invitationto responsibility

1st grade activity

parent guide

developmental guide - what's going on