Alien Youth Parent Resources


This month's video discusses how important it is to be willing to engage in spiritual conversations with your teen. We encourage you to take a few minutes to watch the Online Parenting Class video. It offers excellent information on three types of spiritual conversations you can have with your teenager.

A study by Barna researchers revealed that out of 2,409 teens between the ages of 13 to 18, 71 percent said that they would attend a worship service at a church, synagogue or temple to "understand better what I believe." Teenagers want to know about God. They want to understand their Bibles. They are at a critical stage in their spiritual development and trying to make sense of exactly what it means to believe. They are seeking to make their faith their own.

Parents, you have the awesome responsibility of talking with your teens about spiritual things, though it might not always be easy. We hope you enjoy this Online Parenting Class and benefit from the suggestions offered about engaging in spiritual coversations with your teens. Please check out this month's online parenting class:


Each Rite of Passage provides two videos for you as a parent to watch. The first video is the "why" video. It explains why you should walk through the Rite of Passage. The other video is the "how to" video providing you with a step-by-step guide in how to set up these Rites of Passage. Here's a description of the associated documents:

  • The Kickstarter is the biblical background for each Rite of Passage
  • The Parent Guide is an extension of the "how to" video
  • The Developmental Guide helps you know what's going on physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually with your teenager

    6th Grade rite of passage

    Kickstarter - Snapshots of wonder

    parent guide

    developmental guide - what's going on

    discussion cards

    Preparation for Adolescence

    You will spend five nights together discussing the changes that will happen in your teenager's body, mind and soul over the next few years.

    7th Grade Rite of passage

    Kickstarter - Blessing them to take ownership

    Parent Guide

    Developmental Guide - What's going on

    Blessings Worksheet

    The Blessing

    Gather friends and family to honor your 7th grader and help them understand their transition our of childhood into adulthood.

    8th grade rite of passage

    Kickstart - God's best in relationships

    parent guide

    developmental guide - what going on

    questions and answers guide

    The Purity Weekend

    Get away with your 8th grader for a weekend and share with them your dreams for them in the area of sexual purity.

    9th grade rite of passage

    Kickstarter - License to drive

    Parent guide

    Developmental guide - What's going on

    Driving contract

    car maintenance

    Driving Contract

    In preparation for their driver's license, you will work with them on the idea that they will be getting more than the keys to the car; they will be getting your trust.

    Money Matters

    Spend an evening investing in your teenager by helping them understand God's plan for handling money.

    12th grade rite of passage

    kickstarter - knowing whom i am and whose i am

    parent guide

    Developmental guide - what's going on

    Child of the king

    Manhood/Womanhood Ceremony

    Unleash your teenager into adulthood with a biblical understanding of who they are as a man or woman of God.