Parent resources

Under this tab we have provided resources to help you develop a long-term strategy (Rites of Passage) to pass your faith on to your children. Resources for children birth through Kindergarten under "S.R. Preschool Parents", grade one through grade five are found under the "S.R. Elementary Parents" page while resources for grades six through twelve are found under "Alien Youth Parents."

Each age group has two informational videos; the first video shares "why" the rite of passage is important while the second video gives practical steps on "how to" setup the rite of passage with your child.

Along with the videos there are downloadable documents that give a biblical background for each rite of passage, practical "how to" suggestions for implementing meaningful practices and a guide for what to expect physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually at each age and stage.

We will also post new content here to assist you in many practical areas of parenting, so visit these pages frequently.

"S.R. Preschool Parents" (Newborn-Kindergarten)

"S.R. Elementary Parents" (Grades 1-5)

"Alien Youth Parents" (Grades 6-12)

Lunchbox Notes

"This resource is designed to help parents offer a daily note of

encouragement to their child. It'll help them get started by giving

them a note with a verse for 30 days. Parents can tweak the

notes, add what they want to say to it, and give it to their child.

Lunchbox Notes PDF