Hillside Chapel is affiliated with a network of churches called The Christian and Missionary Alliance. As a group of over 2,000 churches, we cooperate in supporting over 825 missionaries around the world. What's our goal? To establish wholistic communities of Christ among the least reached where all the odds are stacked against us! That's a tall order and a incredible challenge! But we're moving ahead. In all types of high risk locations, you'll find our missionaries at work, sharing the love of God.

Check out the C&MA website for additional information.

We have a rich history as a denomination and church in supporting and sending out missionaries. Missionary speakers come to our adult electives once each quarter. We have a special partnership with Bongolo Hospital in Gabon, Africa and we support numerous missionaries. 

But at Hillside, mission isn't restricted to going across the ocean. Hillside also regularly supports and sends groups that stay closer to home, sharing the life transforming news of Jesus Christ. In recent years, groups have been sent to New Orleans to serve in hurricane relief operations, to Iowa for flood recovery work, to inner cities, Native American reservations and more! In short, Hillside is serious about missions...at home and around God's world!

In addition, Hillside friends support and participate in local community mission oriented

ministries including the Miami Valley Women's Center (support for women dealing with a crisis

due to an unplanned pregnancy), the Interfaith Hospitality Network (transitional housing), and

the Beavercreek "Feed the Creek" project (food for under served children on weekends).

We annually hold a Missions Conference week that emphasizes the work of two

or two missionaries spreading the Gospel. During the week, numerous events

are held to allow individuals the opportunity to listen and ask questions.